Attention all brave adventurers! Are you ready for an epic journey of darkness, courage, and the fate of a world on the brink of despair? Welcome to Darkentale, a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign that will challenge and inspire your players.

Set in the mysterious land of Westmandor, this extensive campaign weaves together a rich tapestry of political intrigue, powerful allies, and formidable foes. The heroes will face their deepest fears and unearth ancient secrets to save a world shrouded in perpetual twilight.

Your players must unravel the ominous Naruna Prophecy, which foretells the rise of a malevolent Tomb King who seeks to consume the world in darkness. But they must first navigate treacherous politics, confront the enigmatic followers of the Dark Cycle, and ultimately face the Tomb King himself in a climactic battle for the fate of Westmandor.

Throughout the campaign, the Dark Cycle will plunge the land into gloom and despair. The chilling fog that creeps across the land will serve as a gateway between life and death, bringing with it the Sidhe and other fearsome creatures. Your players must learn to navigate this oppressive atmosphere, using their skills, wits, and courage to overcome the challenges and perils that await them.

Darkentale is designed for 3-6 players, beginning at levels 3-4, and scaling up to levels 10-12 by the campaign’s end. The setting of Westmandor is rich and flexible, allowing you to incorporate it into your own world or adapt it to any existing game world. The campaign encourages sandbox-style play, with a wealth of information on the setting, NPCs, and side quests for you to tailor to your group’s unique playstyle.

Are you ready to stand against the encroaching darkness and thwart the plans of the Tomb King of Gorztûng? Can you uncover the truth behind the Dark Cycle and find a way to restore light to Westmandor? The fate of the world rests in your hands, adventurers. Welcome to Darkentale.